Overview Of Sigma 6 Medical

Decades of billing, coding, and operational experience paired with advanced technology and healthcare expertise help
Sigma 6 Medical solve our clients’ most difficult problems. This results in maximized profits and improved clinical outcomes.

Financial Improvement

Complexities in the current healthcare reimbursement landscape gives insurance companies and other third party payers tremendous leverage and capability to decrease money paid to medical providers, pharmacists, and suppliers. Sigma 6 Medical can help navigate your organization through these complexities for maximum payments.

Patient Care Improvement

Optimized revenue streams and efficiencies allow investment in cutting edge technology, staff retention, and maintenance of facility & equipment. Sigma 6 Medical helps improve care coordination, medical decision making, and clinical outcomes.

Medical System Navigation

Medical clinics operate in extremely expensive, complex, and highly regulated systems. Sigma 6 Medical professionals have decades of experience to help navigate your organization through these treacherous environments in order to improve financial and clinical outcomes.

Our Services

Financial Consulting & Solutions

Sigma 6 Financial Consulting identifies areas of improvement in billing, collections, and payment processes for the highest efficiency and accuracy.

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Operational Consulting & Solutions

Areas of inefficiency are identified in effort to maximize your operation’s output. Sigma 6 Operational Consulting identifies these areas of inefficiency starting..

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Compliance Consulting & Solutions

Compliance standards from insurers and government regulatory groups although cumbersome, they are put in place to serve a purpose.

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Our Process

At Sigma 6 Medical, we can apply our processes to your entire organization or focus on an area of concern including Financial, Operational, or Compliance components.